To many Swedes welfare today has a secluded existence. Roughly 400 000 Swedes are in debt to the Enforcement Authority - Sweden has changed from a welfare society into a credit society. A common development in the wake of capitalism. In a credit society you must take risks to achieve success. For example, a bank that does not have a certain percentage of borrowers with payment problems is not a successful bank. It has been overly cautious and has thus missed profits. Banks calculate with a "loss". Those who pay the price are the indebted. An employee at the Enforcement Authority made a metaphor: a bank robber convicted of aggravated robbery is sentenced to five years in prison. During those five years he gets food, a place to sleep and even a small daily fee. If the robber behaves well he can be released earlier and he has ”paid” his crime. But if you have payment difficulties and end up in debt your sentence is poverty, often for life, and you will be pushed off to the outskirts of society.